FIES International Scholarship Fund

The International Foundation Scholarship is awarded to international students who show financial need, who have excellent academic achievement, and who have demonstrated leadership or outreach in the University of Arkansas community. Priorities will be given to rising juniors and seniors.

4000 for one academic year
Academic Colleges, Departments, and Units
International Students and Scholars
Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe your academic background and objectives to be achieved while at the University of Arkansas.
  2. List all honors and awards that you have received (including current scholarships). If you have been awarded an FIES scholarship in the past, please list the semesters and year of your award.
  3. Please tell us about your educational and career goals.
  4. Describe your financial need for the next academic year. What other forms of financial assistance (personal savings, family, friends, sponsors, university) and/or scholarships do you have already confirmed for the upcoming academic year?
  5. Describe how you have positively influenced (or will influence) the University of Arkansas community.